Fly Express provides high-quality services to its customers with its overseas offices and dynamic human resources.

As Fly Express, we are working tirelessly with our dynamic team to take the lead in shaping the innovations that guide our modern lives and to establish the standards of a better travel experience. Since its establishment, we have been producing the most innovative and high-quality service in our class, continuing to be a source of inspiration for our solution partners and competitors. In addition to being the largest outbound tour operator in Turkey, we are rapidly progressing towards our goal of becoming a major player globally.

The customer-focused business approach, which centers around efficiency, lies behind the success we have achieved as Fly Express. As a result of this approach, we have become the leading brand in the M.I.C.E, Group, Individual Travel, Air Ticket, and Cruise sectors in Turkey.

Being one of the pioneers of change in the industry, Fly Express effectively utilizes its service, knowledge, and business network to achieve its goals.