What makes certain places truly unforgettable is being there “at the right time.” Every city has a season when its beauty reaches its peak. Fly Exclusive programs are designed with this idea in mind, offering tours that allow you to be “in the right place at the right time.” These tours, planned with expert guides accompanying a maximum of twenty people, go beyond being visual spectacles and make it easier for you to understand the essence of each location. Our Fly Exclusive tours provide direct flights to as many regions as possible, and our guests are accommodated in centrally located 4 and 5-star hotels. From start to finish, you will feel special throughout this experience, and all you have to do is choose which dream you want to fulfill: embarking on an unforgettable journey on the Rovos Train in Africa or participating in a real safari; visiting Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of Argentina and the so-called “end of the world” port; joining the grape harvest ceremony in Tuscany, watching breathtaking sunsets in vineyards, and indulging in gastronomic experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your palate; or perhaps, being enchanted by places that resemble a work of art on a painter’s canvas. If you want to see the reflection of the Northern Lights in the eyes of your loved ones or brighten your smiles with the beautiful colors of Sakura season in Japan, these packages are exactly what you’re looking for!